Our Spray Products

"nomo- series"

nomoskito (Mosquito Repellent Spray)

Getting annoyed with the mosquitoes around and not sure if you should apply all those chemical repellents on you? Try our natural and plant-based "nomoskito" spray! It is made from 100% pure essential oils, using the natural scent to repel the annoying mozzie.

No more mosquitoes!

nomopoopodor (Toilet Bowl Spray)

Embarrassed by the nasty smell you had left behind after the use of toilet? Feel sorry to the next person who will come in after you? Try this "nomopoopodor" spray! Just a few sprays in the toilet bowl before the use of toilet, a protective barrier will be formed on the water to trap the unpleasant odour. Relieve yourself with a peace of mind...

No more poop odour!

nomofussZzz (Sleep Tight Night Spray, 6m+)

Fussy baby can't sleep at night? Try this "nomofussZzz" linen and room spray. The natural scent of the essential oils will help calming and soothing the baby, preparing them to a deep and peaceful sleep.

No more fussy sleep!

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nomoZzzless (Stress Relief Night Spray)

Getting hard to fall asleep? Too many things in your mind to stress you out? Try this "nomoZzzless" pillow and linen spray, the natural sleep solution! The natural and pure essential oils used in this product are well known for their calming and soothing properties, help you to drift off to dreamland easier.

No more sleepless night!

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nomosmelly (Shoes/ Sport Gears Deodorant Spray)

Who likes stinky shoes and smelly sport gears? We don't! Try to freshen them up with the natural scent from our "nomosmelly" spray. Besides, the natural and pure essential oils used in this product are well known for their anti-fungal, antimicrobial & antibacterial properties.

No more smelly shoes and sport gears!